Senior Management

Tenseal’s recruitment service for senior management is a confidential, accurately targeted tool for the selection of Asia-Pacific level directors, country managers, managing directors and other top-level executives for your organization.

Recruiting key personnel is always an important decision. At the beginning of the search process, a consultant from Tenseal charts the situation at the workplace taking into account the values, leadership culture, vision, strategy and existing personnel resources. On the basis of the material collected and with the help of our extensive networks, we survey and locate the best possible candidates for the position.

We take great care to find out about the candidate’s background, networks, experience, professional skills, achievements, personality, and leadership and management capabilities. Our consultants have built up extensive, well-established networks among both foreign and local senior executives in China and Asia-Pacific.

Middle Management

Executive search is also an excellent method for recruiting middle management when it is difficult to find people with the right competence or when it is not wished to publicize the recruitment. The person sought can be of any functional level, such as a R&D, production or finance manager.

At the beginning of the search process, our consultant concentrates on the organization’s strategy and personnel situation, which serve as the basis for defining the qualities required of the candidate, together with the client. Next, the consultant searches candidates together with an experienced research consultant, utilizing various different sources globally.

Expert-level Personnel

Traditional job advertisements have proven to be an ineffective way in reaching qualified specialists or experts in China. Tenseal consultants are well aware of the challenges in finding this kind of personnel in China, and will define the search criteria together with the client’s representative, after which experienced research consultants use a wide range of sources to reach candidates. By implementing Tenseal’ recruitment methodology and tools our clients are well presented with candidates that have gone through a recruitment process typically reserved for only the highest level of positions.