Talent Assessment

New Employees
Internal Candidates
Identifying High Potential

Talent assessments are at the very core of Tenseal Services’ business. For 40 years we have developed our assessment tools to provide our customers with the best way to identify current leaders and future potentials, their motivation, strengths and development areas and how these come into play in your organization. Tenseal Services Talent Assessments are included for each candidate presented to customers when using our recruitment service, but it is also an excellent stand-alone service.

Talent assessment is an effective tool in all situations in working life when there is a need to assess the skills, strengths and development needs of new or existing employees. In regard to assessing new employees, MPS can provide an objective second opinion to reduce the risks in candidate selection process even when our customers are not using MPS’ recruitment services. For current employees, Tenseal Services assessment can be used when comparing internal candidates for a promotion or identifying high-potential junior talents for future career development towards managerial positions.

Many foreign companies in China have already started, or are in the process of localization of their management. At this stage in your business it is of key importance to identify whether or not your indigenous talent is ready to take the next step. After more than ten years in China we have fine-tuned our assessments to fit both international and local talent, and our assessments including all tests, are also available in Chinese.
Our talent assessment consists of two parts, the first one being the personality assessment to ensure the best fit of a candidate for a specific position in your company. It includes testing on the personality and personal characteristics, career motivation and logical reasoning skills. The second part of the talent assessment is an in-depth interview between the assessee and our consultant. We provide a full report including our professional recommendation.

When you need to evaluate either new or existing talent, contact us for further details!