Team Coaching

“Team coaching is an effective tool for developing groups such as management teams. It may be used to support management teams and supervisors, for example, under conditions of change. The programme will enable a new post holder to harmonise the commercial objectives of the organisation with individual aims and to clarify the way forward. Any change in an organisation or team will require changes in individuals. The coaching programme for leaders and supervisors will combine the process of individual and group change.
Common aims will be determined in the team and linked to personal development objectives. Each individual in the personal coaching process will tackle personally important areas of change and develop an individual self-awareness and management style according to the objectives.
Coaching also accelerates change, helping the individual and team in goal-setting, redefining the situation, seeking new perspectives and solutions, overcoming obstacles, and departing from comfort zones towards renewal.
Coaching may also help to ensure the long-term change to which each individual is committed.”

Overseas Business Coaching

Overseas Business Coaching is targeted towards expatriate personnel that are relatively new to China/Japan. Our experienced coaches provide cultural training, mentoring and sparring in order to steer the coachee for a smooth transition towards managing local teams and achieving optimal results in a new role. This process is tailored to specific needs and lasts between 3 to 12 months. Team coaching is also available.