It was commissioned by one of the clients that was aiming to find a European to help the company compete against the OEMs in Euro Markets.
Our client is an auto parts manufacturers with a history of more than 30 years in China.

The requirements for the position:

  1. German native or bilingual
  2. In depth experience in sales of automotive parts in Euro area
  3. Strong ability of developing new business
  4. Engineering background and knowledge about drive technology
  5. Maintain current customers

The client said their attempt that they tried to find someone right out of their competitors also who is well connected with the major automakers on global market. Furthermore, in their opinion, the candidate should be young, self- confident and retain vigor.
We advocated to extend the scope for the right candidate Meantime , Tenseal initially set the screen to have kept out the unsuitable profiles, and late shortlisted 3 candidates for interview within 2 weeks. Under the procedure, the first step was selection. Tenseal talked with a number of sales professionals in Europe, most of whom were located in Germany, Italy and East Europe. As the headhunting firm in charge of this position, our consultant video interviewed with the candidates who sent their resume in order to verified the details with candidates regarding their purpose and personal requirements on this position, which included others referred to their background and personal status.

The second step was making an appointment for the client to interview with the 3 candidates. Previously tenseal had forwarded their profiles to the client in order to get a preview.  Out of the 3 candidates , one was in fact from the direct competitor of our client. He was in his 30s, engineering majors of master degree, and at the time, was on the position of account manager. After the video conferencing with him, our client locked this candidate. They were also impressed by his professional skills and his familiarity with the auto parts business.
They then paid him to visit their plant in china.

Out consultant accompanied the candidate on the visit from his landing at Shanghai to visiting the plant at customer’s place. The discussion went smoothly and after back and forth negotiations, the candidate signed a letter of intent regarding the labor relation. He flew back for Germany and further consulted his lawyer on information of the draft of labor contract , then finally agreed signing the contract.
The base salary was about 1 million rmb ( the currency conversion is implied)
The intermediate fee is 25%.