This client is a HK listed china domestic group company. It is getting more and more bold on its market performance, following which they set up a technical center in an rising sub-provincial city in east China. Its business involves a number of line of products in intelligent manufacturing. Their clients are famous car makers and mobile phone manufacturers in the world. They constantly seek talents of the cutting edge technology.

The position they urgently needed is Senior algorithm engineer

The requirements were:
  1. At least 5 or more year experience in vision or slam algorithm direction
  2. Master degree or above in computer science or similar
  3. Have competitive knowledge and strong passion in computer vision
  4. Ability to work under pressure and compete tasks on time

Tenseal was fully aware of the situation that though the location of the position is part favorable, most of the engineers prefer staying in first tier cities like shanghai, Beijing , and Shenzhen. Besides, the attractions of BAT and radical unicorn IT companies appeal to those technical engineers even more. Teseal had interviewed with employees of the IT companies that engage in the R&D of the field to look for the candidate with the exact same characterized development experience. We also searched the candidates in the vast reaches of the areas – not only in the first tier cities but also in the ascending places where flock number of technical companies by recent public financing. Some of their engineers are looking for challenges and better opportunities.

Through two rounds interviewed with HR manager and Technical Director, one of the recommended candidates got to the final meeting with group Vice President. VP was impressed by the candidates background , pertinent experience to his company’s R&D direction, He later told us that it was very happy that he could grasp the long term potential of the candidate through the interview.
The candidate was also glad to have this opportunity. He disclosed that he made his decision this time cautiously. As identified with the leader of the research laboratory he felt confident of fulfillment of his responsibility at this new job.

By negotiation, our client offered the candidate with a salary package total at 500 thousand RMB (partial share options included)
The intermediate fee is 20% of base annual salary